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The Car-Free Diet Show

Building on the success of previous “Car-Free Diet” campaigns for our Arlington County Commuter Services client, we decided to reach out to a broader audience (consisting of anyone who likes watching funny videos online) with The Car-Free Diet Show, the first, only and – most importantly – #1 rated 4-to-5-minute-long sketch comedy show devoted solely to the car-free lifestyle anywhere in the world. Check out all the episodes at!

Episode 1

Virginia Department of Taxation

By creating an “outbreak” of people with giant, square smiley face heads, this campaign helped the Virginia Department of Taxation collect $103 million in back taxes – more than doubling their expectations.

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Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge

This online contest challenged two gas guzzling car lovers to try living car free for 30 days. Their videos, blogs and social media postings let people follow the experience online, helping our client – Arlington County Commuter Services – demonstrate how easy it can be to go car free. See more at

Call For Entries Video 1

Call For Entries Video 2

Season 1 Summary Video

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